Sheltie Breeders

Here you will find a variety of Sheltie breeders. Make sure the breeder you are considering breeds Shelties according to the Standard, tests dogs for genetic diseases, raises puppies in the house and sells them with contracts and guarantees. Attention to these issues will give you a healthier puppy with better temperament.

You may post a link to your kennel only if you are a show or performance breeder:

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  • Click on "Submit a Sheltie Site" on the User Menu (left column). You can see this menu only when you are logged in.

  • Enter your country and state first. Then enter your Kennel name in the field "Name", the website address in the URL field and a short description, if you wish. If your country is not in the menu please email us and we will add it.

  • We will receive an email alerting us of your post. We reserve the right to approve or deny kennels. Only small hobby kennels will be considered, show or performance breeders.

  • A link to Everything Sheltie from your kennel will be appreciated. Samples of links you can use are on the page "Link to us".

These links are not endorsed by Everything Sheltie, but they are approved before posting to make sure they are Sheltie-related. To find reputable Sheltie breeders in your area check the Breeders Directory in the Listings


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