ProAdvantage Steel Wicket

 We are proud to offer the best wicket in the market (made in US) to help breeders/fanciers keep accurate growth records on their show prospect puppies.
This is the most important tool to help evaluate and predict a puppy's conformation to size standard.

Make sure your puppy will have a good chance to stay in size as an adult before you invest time and energy training and showing.


Fine craftsmanship.


  Easily calibrated.

Lock-up device.

These are some of our wicket's best points:

  • Sturdy steel frame, will stand firm on floor.

  • Light aluminum crossbar, gentle on dog's shoulder.

  • Inches/centimeters ruler. Will measure dog up to 18 1/4".

  • Made to last a lifetime- and beyond.
    Will not break or come apart.

  • Easy to use, measure your dog accurately with no need of helper.

  • Easy calibration, wicket is always accurate.

  • Ruler lock-up device, to use when most accurate measurement has been reached. 

  • Rubber ends on legs for safe handling.

  • Money back guarantee for one week. (Guarantee does not include shipping)

  • If wicket breaks within a year, it will be repaired for free. You pay shipping.

$80 plus actual shipping costs, Parcel Post is around $25, Continental US

Priority Mail optional, will quote.

Note: As every Sheltie breeder knows there are no cut and dry rules to predict for sure puppy's growth, but a good wicket will get you closer!!

Custom made wickets for other dog breeds, inquire!!

~ Patent Pending ~

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