Vaccine Quotables

"I believe that poor diet and vaccinations are responsible for most chronic diseases"
                                                                                      Russsell Swift, DVM, Tamarac, FL

"The first thing that must change with routine vaccinations is the myth that vaccines are not harmful. Veterinarians and animal guardians have to come to realize that they are not protecting animals from disease by annual vaccinations, but in fact, are destroying the health and immune system of these same animals they love and care for."
                                                                               Charles E. Loops, DVM, Pittsboro, NC

"Vaccinosis is the reaction from common inoculations (vaccines) against the body's immune system and general well-being. These reactions may take months or years to show up and will cause undue harm to future generations."
                                                                              Pedro Rivera, DVM BS, Harrisburg, PA

"The most common problems I see that are directly related to vaccines on a day to day basis are ear or skin conditions, such as chronic discharges and itching. I also see behavior problems such as fearfulness or aggression."

                                                                                       Pat Bradley, DVM, Conway, AR

"Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do for our animals....Repeating vaccinations on a yearly basis undermines the whole energetic well-being of our animals."

                                                                         Christina Chambreau, DVM, Sparks, MD

There are a lot of chronic conditions that (can) develop some time after vaccinating. Some of these conditions that I see are chronic ear infections, digestive problems, seizures, skin problems and behavioral problems."

                                                            Stephen Blake, DVM, CVH, CVA, San Diego, CA

"Unfortunately our society is in the grasp of a health panacea and this panacea is fuelled by the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Vaccinations have become the modern day equivalent of leeching."

                                                                                         Mark Kohn, DVM, Madison, WI

Quotes gleaned from the book "Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?" by John Clifton